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  • A How to Guide for Members


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  • To get started

    As a valued member you have access to exciting benefits and online tools through your memberships. Start by taking advantage of excellent promotional opportunities to help attract new customers and share your information both in and outside the cypress community.

    You can click on the similar looking icons shown below to learn about a specific tool. 
    MIC refers to the Member Information Center


        Watch a quick tutorial Video.

           Download a PDF Step by Step Guide.




    How to Manage and use Events

    Learn how to use, manage, submit, and register for events from within the MIC. 





    How to Post a Hot Deal

    Learn how to access, create and manage Hot Deals and Member to Member Deals from within the MIC.





    How to Update Your Personal Profile

    Learn how to update all of your personal information from within the MIC.





    How to Add a News Release

    Learn how you can add News Releases in the MIC.





    How to Pay Bills Online

    Learn how to pay open invoices online from within the MIC.





    How to Add a Job Posting

    Learn how to access, create and manage your Job Postings from within the MIC.





    How to Update Your Staff

    Learn how to update your staff, adding new staff and deactivating staff.





    How to Update Your Company Profile

    Learn how to update all of your company information, including logos and contact details, from within the MIC.





    How to Store Your Credit Card

    Learn how to easily store your credit card information via the MIC for use when registering for events, and even use in paying recurring fees & dues.




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